What's in a Name?

I am often asked, “What’s with the name Solventas?”

The name comes from the Latin root solvens, used in many languages to mean “having more assets than debts” or being “fiscally solvent.” 

We chose this name because our end goal is the financial self-sufficiency for our emerging market partner surgeons.  We want what they do, to be able to deliver services to those in need today, tomorrow and decades from now.

No matter our profession or calling, if you and I cannot earn a living and take care of our families while doing it, we have to move on to another place or profession.  Emerging market surgeons are no different.  By helping them remain solvent, we bolster both surgeon retention and access to surgical care.

We are “surgical” because we are focused solely on supporting developing world surgeons and their patients.  The lack of access to surgical care is well-documented, and information about the issue can be found on our website at Global Need and on our Blog

The bottom line is that nearly 5 billion people lack access to surgical care, and this lack of care causes more deaths per year than HIV, TB and Malaria -- combined.  Solventas is one of the few nonprofits focused solely on long-term solutions to the issue.

Finally, we are an ‘alliance’ because we are putting together a coalition of people and organizations -- medical and management professionals, nonprofits and investors -- which have not traditionally worked together toward the goal of providing essential surgical care in low income countries.

As a startup nonprofit, we are certainly concerned about, well . . . our own solvency!  So if you believe as we do that lack of surgical care is just as much an economic issue as a medical one – please consider a tax-deductible donation in support of Solventas today by going to the Donate page of our website.