Surgical Partners

Surgical Partners


Solventas and its affiliates support developing world surgeons by providing them access to capital.  

Surgeons who receive loans or investments from Solventas affiliates are also eligible to receive access to no- or low-cost medical equipment and supplies, as well as support from experienced volunteer U.S. surgeons and healthcare management experts.

Volunteer surgeons assist their international colleagues in treating patients who cannot afford care, but also engage in a transfer of knowledge regarding surgical procedures and techniques.  Our hope is that both surgeons will remain in touch for ongoing consultation.

Just as importantly, volunteer medical management professionals are available for surgeons and their staff to discuss and improve management processes, financial and accounting procedures, medical record-keeping, supply and equipment sourcing and other day-to-day management activities.

In this section, developing world surgeons can find information about obtaining a loan or investment from Solventas and its affiliates:

This section is intended specifically for developing world surgeons. If you are a U.S. medical professional wanting to volunteer or donate, or for general information, please visit About Us, Donate, and Volunteer.