Personal Fundraising

Tap Your Network

Anyone with a public profile on our website can engage their social media network to raise funds for Solventas. Creating a profile is as simple as signing in by e-mail or through your Twitter or Facebook account.

Are you participating in one of our service projects and need to raise money for you or your team?  Are you wanting to support formation of a Solventas fund? Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, or would you like to honor someone special to you?  

If so, you can create a personal fundraising page, simply by creating a user profile, entering a goal in the fundraising field and making your profile public.  Be sure to include your story or reasons for supporting Solventas!

You can then use e-mail or social networks to provide a link to your profile, and you will get credit and recognition for your friends who donate via your profile.

Creating a personal fundraising page is a great way to provide support for Solventas and raise funds that will go directly to support our mission and goals.