Medical Service Projects

The last thing a well-meaning medical volunteer intends to do is jeopardize a struggling local surgeon's livelihood and ability to sustain their practice.

If you volunteer for a medical service project with Solventas, you will assist a local surgeon who has not only determined which of his or her patients are truly indigent, but can also provide necessary follow up care when you return home.

You will have the opportunity to help both patients and the profession.

And though there are great differences in how surgeons conduct their practice throughout the world, there is one commonality: All surgeons need revenue from patients who can pay in order to help those who can’t.

Further, there are volunteer opportunities for medical professionals that you may be able to do from your home or office, like consulting with a colleague halfway around the world about a difficult case or procedure. By expressing your interest, we can be in touch with you as the needs arise.

To volunteer as a surgeon, anesthesiologist, anesthetist, nurse or other medical professional for a Solventas-sponsored medical service project, please Volunteer to let us know of your interest.

One of our representatives will be in touch to learn more about your background, provide information on future plans and get you started as a medical service project volunteer.