Medical Equipment & Supplies

Provide Surgeons the Tools They Need

A donation of medical equipment and supplies allows surgeons in developing countries to start their practice, add procedures or capacity, or replace existing, outdated equipment at minimal cost.

The equipment may help provide more modern treatment to patients, increase capacity and efficiency, or create savings surgeons can use to keep their practice sustainable or reduce fees to patients.

If you are replacing medical equipment and will receive a discount from the manufacturer on new purchases for donating old equipment to a nonprofit, we appreciate you keeping us in mind.  

Advantages to the donor can include (depending upon your tax and/or corporate status):

  • Eligibility for discounts on new equipment
  • Tax deduction
  • Property tax and maintenance savings
  • Avoidance of depreciation recapture
  • Reduction of landfill waste
  • Good public relations

As with any charitable contribution, donors should check with their tax advisors regarding the benefits of donation and the procedures and documentation required.  All equipment and supplies donated to Solventas will be shipped outside of the United States.

You can get started by filling out and returning our Donor Form, or simply provide your contact information at our Volunteer page, and we will be follow up.  

We will then coordinate convenient pick-up of your items, or will direct you to the nearest donation drop-off site.  At this time, we cannot accept pharmaceuticals.