Healthcare Management Service Projects

Part of our purpose is to provide practice management expertise, and to do that, we are looking for volunteers whose day job includes managing clinical and business functions of surgical practices.  

Even the best surgical teams would not be as able or efficient without your knowledge and support, and we ask that you consider sharing that expertise with our developing world surgeons either by visiting those surgeons or hosting a developing world healthcare manager at your place of business.

Too often day-to-day management of health facilities falls to the doctors and nurses who work there. Though they may be expertly trained to provide healthcare, few have management backgrounds.

Consequently, their time is spent not doing the job for which they are trained, but managing personnel, dealing with collections, obtaining supplies and equipment and doing other tasks that take them away from service delivery. When their productivity declines, that’s not good for patients.

Increasingly, a class of trained administrators is on the job, but both the administrators and medical personnel who operate these facilities can benefit from you sharing your knowledge and expertise.

To volunteer for a healthcare management service project, please Volunteer to let us know of your interest. One of our representatives will be in touch to learn more about your background, provide information on future plans and get you started as a medical management volunteer.