FIve Billion Without Access to Essential Surgery

Earlier this week, The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery released its findings after years of study. Nearly five billion people are without access to essential surgical care -- 5 billion. As one commentator said, that figure "just jumps off the page," and it should. Here's a short video from The Lancet with additional -- and shocking -- statistics: Continue reading

Asset Protection

When we have a need to address or a problem to solve -- whether hunger or unmet surgical need -- what if we surveyed our assets first, even before defining the scope of the problem? And once we defined the scope of the problem, what if we thought about how to deploy and bolster those assets to address the need? Continue reading

What's in a Name?

I am often asked, “What’s with the name Solventas?” The name comes from the Latin root solvens, used in many languages to mean “having more assets than debts” or being “fiscally solvent.”  Continue reading

The Spirit of Dar

As an undergraduate 20 years ago, I was fortunate to spend a year at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.  I traveled the region, visiting Lamu, Kenya at a time when U.S. troops were across the border in Somalia; departing Rwanda a few weeks before the genocide; hitchhiking across the Caprivi Strip in Namibia; visiting South Africa in the weeks leading to the historic election of Nelson Mandela; and being escorted by an armed U.N. convoy to cross the Tete Corridor in Mozambique. Continue reading