About Us

Supporting Access to Surgical Care in the Developing World



Solventas is a U.S.-based nonprofit that builds local surgical access and capacity, creates self-sustaining surgical practices and improves access to lifesaving procedures in low and lower-middle income countries.

Like traditional nonprofits, Solventas sponsors medical service projects and accepts donations, both financial and of medical supplies and equipment.

Solventas sets itself apart, though, by working only in support of local surgeons who are struggling to earn a living in their home country, or who are currently practicing abroad but wish to return.  

We do so primarily by providing capital and access to surgical and practice management expertise.

Why the name?


Solventas:  From the Latin root solvens, our goal is financial solvency and self-sufficiency for our partner surgeons, so that they are providing services to those in need today, tomorrow and decades from now.  We are also helping to solve the problems of a shortage of surgeons and lack of access to surgical care.


Surgical:  We are focused solely on supporting developing world surgeons and their patients.  


Alliance:  We are putting together a coalition of people and organizations -- nonprofit, investors and medical personnel -- who have not traditionally worked together toward the goal of providing essential surgical care in developing countries.


Solventas’s U.S. federal tax ID number is 46-5429610.  Its tax-exempt status was effective as of April 17, 2014.